Cluster Drill



Seriously large diameter drilling? Time to call in the big boys...


Available in a gigantic range of sizes up to 2 metres (2,000mm) in diameters. This cluster drill truly is a beast!






The Eagle cluster hammer is a patented system that is especially suitable when drilling is required within a metropolitan city due to the spectacular low vibration and noise.


The cluster drill can range from 220mm to 2,000mm and even larger.


A cluster hammer consists of several individual DTH hammers and drill bits contained within a cluster barrel. Many drilling contractors using cluster hammers have noticed an overall lower cost in drilling. This is due to rapid delivery and response times along with lower maintenance costs compared to drilling with a single large diameter hammer and drill bit.


This no-nonse method of drilling is a preferred method for many piling contractors who need to get the job done and move onto the next civil project. Ibbotson Drilling Services also offers a full training and service facility in both our UK and USA facilities.


So why not leave us to the hassle of changing the hammers and bits whilst you’re already onto the next site.




*Please note that the above details are standard items, other bit sizes and number of required hammers can be changed according to the job site requirements

We are also authorised distributors for the following brands:


- Halco Rock Tools

- Padley & Venerables


- Everdigm

- MTS Perforator




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