DTH Back Hammer



Got that stuck feeling...?

No worries we’ve got your back!

Our DTH Back Hammers are available in a wide range of sizes to get the job done and get your gear back out of the hole.


The Eagle Back Hammer is designed for backward hammering and vibration. When the drill string or DTH hammer is stuck in the hole, you can pull it out very easily with our back hammer.


Features of the Eagle Back Hammer Include:


  • Consists of just 5 components
  • Easy fit between the drill string and rotation head with any type of thread
  • Effective combination of backward hammering and vibration to loosen stuck drill strings
  • High quality and well heat-treated alloy steel for increased product life
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for maintenance




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We are also authorised distributors for the following brands:


- Infinity Tool Mfg

- Halco Rock Tools

- NIUW Glinik

- Everdigm Drill Rigs

- Eida Oils

- Drillwell Ltd

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