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Introducing one of the widest ranges of down-the-hole (DTH) hammers avaliable today. Spread your wings with our new Eagle series...

Here at IDS we explore how technology and services can assist drillers tackle their problems and challenges. We offer a comprehensive solution for your drilling projects that span from conventional DTH hammers and bits to larger cluster drills up to 96”. This extensive product portfolio helps us match the right product, services and solutions to our customer’s specific needs.



The down the hole (DTH) hammer is used for drilling holes through a wide range of rock formations the varieties of which continuously expand well beyond the original conception of early blast hole drilling penetration rates with DTH Hammers are almost directly proportional to air pressure therefore doubling the air pressure will result in approximately doubling the penetration. There are many significant advantages to drilling with DTH Hammers in particularly:


· Wide range of holes sizes available


· Reduced drilling costs


· Cleaner and straighter holes


· High penetration rates


· Capable of drilling in multiple rock formations



The DTH Hammer has been predominantly used for blast hole applications in mining, however recently the DTH Hammer is becoming a preferred choice in other applications such as construction, water well, geothermal , formation sampling and foundation drilling.

We are also authorised distributors for the following brands:


- Halco Rock Tools

- Padley & Venerables


- Everdigm

- MTS Perforator




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