Measure Well Levels with Sound Waves

Well Sounder 2010 PRO

Eno Scientific specializes in the world's most advanced water level and flow meters. Our portable meters utilize acoustic technology to determine the depth of the water in residential wells, piezometers, boreholes or oil wells. These water level indicators replace standard water level tapes and eliminate the need to lower anything into the well. There is nothing to get stuck, no clean up and no contamination issues. We cover all of your ground water level monitoring needs with our full line of sonic water level meters and fully compatible flow meters.


More Technology

Not only is it easier, faster and no risk of loosing your tape, Eno Scientific has built advanced features into every Well Sounder. The display does not only show the depth, it also calculates and displays the quantity of water in the well, the drawdown and recovery rates. A built-in data logger and fully automatic recording mode which can allow you to set up the Well Sounder and pick it up later after it has done all the work. Connect a flow meter and record the water flow as well as the depth. USB connectivity for simple data download to your computer. And many other features all for less money than a tape!

"I have used the well sounder 2010 model for more than two years now. I have run 20 units with one minute logging intervals non-stop during this time with virtually no maintenance. Doing this I have been able to assemble the most complete data set on this particular aquifer to date. The data is as accurate as a pressure transducer but just a tiny fraction of the cost. There is no pulling the well and inserting equipment. All that is required in a hole in the well seal and a power source. I have also used the RS 232 port with success and connected it with our telemetry system. I could not be more satisfied with the quantity and quality of the data that I have been able to obtain. However the icing on the cake is I did it for a few thousand dollars, not a few hundred thousand dollars. For a serious aquifer study this is a must have."

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