Tricone Rock Bits

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We offer a very wide range of tricone bits with diameters from 2-3 / 8 " to 26". There are also tooth tricone bits and bits with tungsten carrbide insersts (TCI) in our offer.


Toothing particular types of bits with tooth cutters is varied depending on the designation for each category of rock hardness. Each type of bit has the characteristic structural properties of toothing (height and angle for tightening teeth, scale, number of teeth, reinforcement and shape of gauge rows) that allow you to achieve the maximum efficiency of scraping layers of rock for which they are intended.


TCI rock bits provide high resistance for the dredging drill part. They are designed for drilling all types of rocks, including heavily abrasive ones.

Sealed bearings used primarily in bits for oil and gas drilling ensure high durability and reliability of these tools.




The hole - openers are designed for reaming of the following bore- holes:

  • Waterwells with diameter from 8 ½” to 48”
  • Hole-openers designed for waterwell drilling can be equipped with a 3-cone roller bit as a pilot.


Holes can be reamed with a single hole-opener or with a set of hole-openers connected as so called “christmas tree”. The end of hole-opener body has threaded connection which fits another hole-opener or the drilling string.


Upon client’s request, other connections can be supplied, as well.


Hole-openers for horizontal drilling have replaceable nozzles, which enable to use optimum hydraulic parameters for a proper mining and drawing drillings out of a bore-hole.The surface of a hole-opener body is reinforced with hard metal and tungsten carbide inserts to secure from excessive wear caused by friction against a bore-hole. In order to assure a stable and proper work of a drill string, upon customer’s request, the hole openers can be equipped with special cylinders guiding hole-openers through a pilot bore-hole.


Benefits of hole- openers:

  • Cutter sets can be easily replaced in the field, when worn out
  • Cutting structure of cones with milled tooth is designed for soft, medium, or hard formation
  • Upon customer’s request we manufacture TCI insert hole- openers designed for very hard formation
  • The hole - openers have got jet nozzle circulation, which provides efficient cleaning of cutters and a bore- hole bottom simultaneously.




NIUW GLINIK manufactures spiral stabilizers of integral type with diameters 130 mm – 445 mm.

The body of the stabilizer is made of alloy steel, heat- treated to 277 - 352 HB hardness and impact strength 54 J/cm2 according to API Spec. 7-1.

The stabilizers are supplied in two types :

  • string stabilizers with box-pin connection
  • near-bit stabilizers with box-box connection.

Depending on the blade-shape the following stabilizers are available:

with open design (small blade angle)

with tight design (big blade angle).

The threaded connection are made according to API Spec 7-1.


Upon customer's request we can make a stress relief features on the threaded pin and on the treaded box.

Also float valve recess can be made on the near-bit box.


The blades of the stabilizers are reinforced in the following ways:

  • hard - facing with tungsten carbide protecting from wear and enabling recondition of stabilizers many times
  • tungsten carbide inserts pressed into blade surface ensuring increased resistance of stabilizers against diameter loss.

The blade diameters are under the sizes of the holes:

  • for hole sizes 130 – 311mm 0,8 mm under size
  • for hole sizes 311- 445 – 1,6 mm under size.



We are also authorised distributors for the following brands:


- Halco Rock Tools

- Padley & Venerables


- Everdigm

- MTS Perforator




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